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The word University in our title does not mean that we expect members to be of an academic persuasion.  Our members come from all walks of life and have a wide and varied experience of previous employment.  We feel confident that you would feel at home here.

We have twenty-one interest groups, offering a wide range of activities, and would welcome more.  Brief details of the activities of all our groups, as well as the group leaders' contact details, can be accessed by clicking the Interest Groups link above.  You are welcome to visit any of the groups without committing yourself to membership.  Please contact the group leader or Membership Secretary to advise of your wish to visit, when more details will be given.

Your particular interests may not be covered by our existing groups but do not despair.   You would probably find that your interest is shared by other members who can help to create a new interest group.

Email and Text Scams
Email and text scams are becoming more common.  Often I receive more than one in a day.  They almost always ask you to click a link to correct an error or to carry out some saving action.  They usually begin by claiming that a payment has been stopped, that your account has been suspended or with a threat of legal action.  Often, the email claims to come from an organisation with which you have never had any connection.
If you are in any doubt, contact the organisation by your usual route or by telephone.  The best course of action is to either delete the Email or message or mark it as junk with the option to block the sender, if that is available.  In the case of texts, forward them to 7726.  In the case of emails, you can forward them to

Latest Group News
Ukulele Group
A new group has started - the Ukulele Group. It meets on the second and fourth Monday in the month. It is for beginners and if you would like to join, please contact via the website contact page - click the Contact Us tab above.
Shambling Group
Unfortunately, it has not been possible to find a new leader for the Shambling group and so it has ceased to meet.
Open Day in September   
We will be holding an open day on September 24th. Please can all group leaders try to arrange for their groups to provide a display or demonmstration table for the day. It will start at 10.00am and run until 1.00pm. Tea, coffee and cakes will be served. All are welcome, especially non-members.
Facebook Group
We have a Facebook group for Hessle u3a members.  It is a private group and you will need to be a member of Hessle u3a in order to view it. You can find it by clicking Here You will need to request membership and your request will be approved if you are a paid up member of Hessle u3a
Currently, we publish a newsletter every two months and try to include items that will be of interest to members, such as quizzes, stories and poetry.  All this year's newsletters have now been added to the newsletters page, which you can access by clicking the Newsletters tab at the top of the page on the right-hand side.